The first step in your photography experience is the engagement session, and gosh, it's our favorite. We love getting to know you both in a natural and casual setting before your wedding day. For many of our couples, this is the first time they have had a photo shoot and usually have lots of questions. We hear you! Here are some frequently asked questions and our helpful answers.

When should we schedule our engagement session?

Whenever you like! New England's four seasons offer a lot of variety for light and weather, so think about what look you like and let's go from there. Many couples use their photos for save-the-dates. You want to have time to receive your edited photos, pick your favorites, design and order the save-the-dates, and get them mailed to your family and friends. A good estimate is about 6-8 months before your wedding date.

What should we wear?

This is not a simple answer, as it really depends so much on your style and personalities. There are however a few guidelines to help you out. Please don't wear large patterns or logos, as it takes attention from your pretty faces. Wear clothes that are on the same level of dressiness or casualness as your partner. Short answer - the better you feel in your clothes, the better you’ll look in front of the camera, so don’t overthink it. Some people feel their best in a brand new outfit; we are absolutely fine being your shopping spree alibi.

If you want some inspiration, here is our Couple's Style Board.

What should we bring?

Your lovely selves, of course. Nothing else is necessary as we will use the environment around us to play and make you look so good. Though pets are always welcome! Also, if you want, we are happy to help carry around a primp kit for touch-ups. Keys and phones should not be in your pockets, so we can pop those in our bag too. Props are fun but not necessary. They can help set the scene and bring out your personalities as a couple. Maybe you like coffee? Champagne for a toast? Cupcakes? Balloons and bubbles? Picnic basket? etc…

What time should we meet?

You know that time of day when everything has a warm glow just before sunset? Yeah, let's meet then. We photographers call that magical time "golden hour" and it happens approximately an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset. Depending on the season of your engagement session, the exact time will change, but you can assume we will meet afternoon/evening time. Unless you are an amazing morning-person unicorn and would like a sunrise shoot... which I am totally down for. Just bring me coffee and we are good to go.

Can we go to 2+ locations?

Sure! Let us know ahead of time if we will be traveling between spots, as we will need to adjust the timing of your session. We won't keep you longer than 2 hours, and that includes any walking or driving to locations.

Can we bring a change of clothes?

Yes! Again, we have about 2 hours to photograph, so let us know if you are planning to change during your session. Also, keep in mind that many places we photograph do not have a designated spot to get dressed.

What should we expect to do at the session?

You can expect to play, laugh, snuggle, kiss, dance, twirl, walk, smile, and simply enjoy being with your partner on a lovely date night. There will be a few bad jokes and puns thrown in there for good fun. We are your personal paparazzi. For couples that are unsure in front of a camera, we will certainly help with suggestions of where to stand and what to do. Our goal is to capture your personalities, so feel free to bring up your own ideas or adjust ours to make it feel natural.

How long until we see our photos?

We send your edited photos to you within 2 weeks from your session. You download directly from your gallery, so as soon as they are done, poof! They are in your inbox.

Do we actually need an engagement session?

We hear this so often, it hurts our hearts. We highly recommend you schedule an engagement session. You have a rehearsal for your ceremony, so why not for your photos? Not only is the shoot super fun, it serves a purpose. This is why you need an engagement session.