Timelines can be tricky...

but yours doesn't have to be. We know you have questions, and we are here to help. The first suggestion we have when you begin planning your wedding day timeline is to check when the sun sets. You can simply type "sunset on [your wedding date]" into Google to find out when it is for your day. Trust us, you are going to want those pretty cotton-candy skies in your photos.

Let's get specific.

While every wedding is unique, they all tend to follow a similar flow of events. We have outlined a sample timeline below for a summer wedding day without a first look. (Having a first look? This post is for you)

For these wedding days, we like to begin coverage approximately 2.5-3 hours before you walk down the aisle. This gives us the opportunity to capture your details and getting ready candids before tucking you away for your ceremony. If you don't want to bump into guests, you should plan to arrive at your ceremony location about 30 minutes before the ceremony start time. Don't forget to include travel time to get between locations if necessary. 

We suggest if you aren't doing a first look to extend your cocktail hour by at least a half hour and/or plan multiple opportunities for photos. It hurts to rush through photos because we only have a single hour to capture everything, and we don't want any portion of your day to be stressful. We provide unlimited coverage so that you can have the breathing room and space to let moments unfold naturally.

{Sample} Wedding Day on July 14th

Getting Ready 2:30pm

Ceremony 5:30-6pm

Portraits/ Formals 6-7:30pm

Cocktail Hour 6-7:30pm (not attending)

Introductions 7:35pm

First Dance 7:40pm

Toasts 7:45pm

Dinner 8pm

Sunset Portraits 8:15pm

Cake Cutting 8:40pm

Parent Dances 8:45pm

Dancing until 11pm

When creating your own timeline, we think its best to start with your ceremony time (as that is usually the first thing you schedule) and work forward/backward from there. Here are some other helpful resources: Most Asked Timeline Questions Tips for Planning a Photo-Friendly Timeline

You've got this.

Remember, you aren't planning alone. Talk to your wedding planner, your venue, your photographer, your band/dj... everyone is happy to help out. We are all on the same team with the goal of giving you the best wedding day ever. We are always available to answer any questions you have at: amanda.macdonald.photography@gmail.com.

Happy planning. xx